The Team

It is long overdue that we compensate QTIPOC community for their brilliance, expertise, and labor. Below is our team of community experts that created the QTIPOC Survivor Advocates Institute. To our knowledge, this is the very first directory of QTIPOC expert consultants in North Carolina.


Alexandria Webb is a Black, Indigenous, and Trans Woman from Whiteville, NC. Being raised as Black and Indigenous person in the south, Alexandria has shaped her surroundings using her both her formal and informal educations via community organizing. As a Tuscurora Woman, celebrating the celestial energy Trans people embody to lead and empower others to live their truth is an homage to her heritage and legacy of strong Black Trans Femmes in community spaces.


Majic is a Black non-binary drag artist with expertise ranging from life coaching, podcasting, performance art, and gender equity consulting. They have a successful track record in designing spaces, social media content and programming that account for the interests, goals, needs and pain points of diverse audiences. They currently offer trauma-informed consulting services with a primary focus on gender issues in the workplace and within social media communications. They design and facilitate workshops that provide tools, knowledge, and a direct path for growth within organizations who aim to create frameworks and practices that foster trust among team members and the communities they serve.


Kimora Brooks, originally from Philadelphia P.A. based her life around building and bridging the gap between all walks of life in the North Carolina LGBTQIA+ community, being a house mother, pageant mother, legendary drag performer, activist and business woman. She was awarded the honor of leading the 2022 pride parade as one of the first African American transwoman grand marshals of Durham NC. Her goal is to continue to create spaces for LGBTQ youth to live, love, and learn.

Miss B Haven

Miss B. Haven is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Durham, NC. She has been bringing folks together & creating spaces for connection & celebration for the past 5 years through various mediums of performance, specifically spaces for queer & trans people. Miss B Haven graduated from Duke University in 2018, where she studied Sociology & Economics. As a proud trans woman, her work is based in shaping spaces & communities to better serve trans people & guiding people to be better allies.